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The dangers of stray current in the marine environment, a serious problem.


ACMS endorses the US Coast Guard's National RBS Strategic Plan


Boating safety articles, ESD, CO, and other issues


Articles and Experiences by Members


Of Mice and Boats    Fuel Tanks     Chain Plates    Stern Drives   Transoms


    Hull to Deck Attachments     Improper auxiliary fuel tank installation 


Blocked raw water intake valve handle    Fuel lines by Frank Abbey


Faulty gen set exhaust    How important is a slight list in a small vessel?


Does the seller of a vessel ever try to mislead the buyer?


Elbow fire      Auxiliary fuel tank by Frank Abbey


C&V Survey by RICK Kreps, CMS


Exhaust system problem by Frank Abbey


Delamination by Malcolm Elliott


HIN Issue by Malcolm Elliott


Raw water intake problem by Frank Abbey


Long distance purchases


Sail rigging NVIC, submitted by John Koon, CMS


Pirate Threat by Capt. Supriyo Mukerjee


More about fuel tanks

by George E. Shilala Jr. CMS 

Collisions at Sea by Capt. Supriyo Mukerjee