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Introductory note to Lenders and Insurers


Thank you for taking the time to review our organization.


We have, over the years, made a strong effort to contact all Lenders

 and Insurers who share our interest in the various services we provide to our members.

 The first page of our web site explains the reason for our existence

and how we were formed.  It is important to note that we share

the ideas of other similar organizations with regard to our

membership's qualifications and practices.


Click here to view our page regarding what insurers

and lenders expect from a marine survey. Feel free to advise us

of any remarks or additions to this list you would like to see

on the professional survey report.


Please note our  Code of Ethics page


We are an organization who does not offer an annual

meeting in (far away places), but we do offer each member the

ability to remain (up to date with technological changes) via our

 information exchange and online study material.


We invite Professionals in the Marine Industry with an interest in

Marine Survey  work to join our Organization as Associate Members.


Our certified members have proven their knowledge of the trade, 

 and share a common expertise in their specialty.


If you have questions that were not answered by this material,

please call direct to the home office at (401) 397-1888 and

speak with the person in charge.