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Introductory note to Lenders and Insurers   Thank you for taking the time to review our organization.   We have, over the years, made a strong effort to contact all Lenders  and Insurers who share our interest in the various services we provide to our members.  The first page of our web site explains the reason for our existence and how we were formed.  It is important to note that we share the ideas of other similar organizations with regard to ourmembership's qualifications and practices.  Click here  to view our page regarding what insurers and lenders expect from a marine survey. Feel free to advise us of any remarks or additions to this list you would like to see on the professional survey report.         Please note our  Code of Ethics Preamble The surveying of marine vessels is of vital importance to the safety and financial interest of the boating public.  It's importantance can't be diminished for any reason. Marine surveyors are expected to maintain their professional persona by conducting themselves in a proper professional manner at all times.  Marine Surveyors must exhibit the highest standards of honesty and integrity at all times. The Marine Surveyor trade requires honesty, impartiality, and the understanding that their work may cause unhappiness to some. I. Fundamental Canons Marine Surveyors while engaged in their occupation shall:    Aviod any act that may be, or seem to be, a conflict of interest.    Realize that the proper performance of their assignment will benefit their client, only.    Accept assignments they are qualified for, and competent to complete. Avoid any type of deception.    Conduct themselves, responsibly, ethically, and lawfully so as to enhance the Marine Surveyor trade,   II. Rule of Practice Marine Surveyor Members, while engaged in the Marine Surveyor trade, shall behave according to the Fundamental Cannons.                 Look for the ACMS seal or logo on your next Marine Survey report.