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About joining our group Membership Levels, Qualifications, and How to Qualify ACMS has two levels of membership: Certified Marine Surveyor members and Marine Surveyor members. Certified Marine Surveyors (CMS) surveyors have completed a comprehensive list of requirements of their knowledge of the Marine Surveyor Trade. We also have a variety of certified categories: Marine engine Surveyors, Shipping Container Surveyors, food inspectors, etc. The criteria we use to determine if a surveyor is to be certified is his history, his work experience, his progress in the trade, and his marine related references. Marine Surveyor Members (MS) include professionals in the marine surveyor business who are practicing but have not yet completed the criteria for certified membership, or individuals who seek a career as a Marine Surveyor and are willing to participate in the Marine Surveyor Apprentice program. Qualifications for Certification Five years of Marine Surveyor service, including part time, and successful completion of the comprehensive procedure qualifies for full certification. We need copies of your surveys dating back at least five years, marine related references, your resume, and a telephone chat before processing your membership. Applicants who are certified with a recognized organization are automatically eligible for our certification. If you want to join as a certified member, we need proof of completion of the above requirements. If you are interested forward your paperwork to membership@acms- usa.com., and we will follow up with you within a week. Qualifications for Marine Surveyor Members Marine Surveyor Members are individuals who are working in the Marine Industry or individuals who would like to be a qualified Marine Surveyor and are willing to participate in the ACMS Marine Surveyor Apprentice Program. The Apprentice Program has been in operation for over twenty years with excellent results for those who complete the program. There is no charge for this program, and ACMS will provide guidance along the way to completion. If you want to join as an Marine Surveyor Member we need your resume and payments, only. If you are interested forward your paperwork to membership@acms-usa.com., and we will follow up with you within a week. Please discuss these items with ACMS before submitting any paperwork. Call (401) 397-5040 to discuss your situation, or with any questions you may have.