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Welcome to ACMS ACMS (The Association of Certified Marine Surveyors) is an organization dedicated  to enhancing the marine surveying trade through  communication, cooperation between individuals, and the offering of the latest technical education and support. ACMS was founded in the 90’s, acquired a group of top notch marine surveyors, and  was then chartered. Our mission is to provide the tools required  to grant credentials to marine surveyors who have proven their  knowledge and expertise of the marine surveyor trade. We offer  Marine Surveyors who are certified or accredited a viable organization with reasonable annual dues. We offer Marine Surveyors who are not yet certified an opportunity to advance through our Requirements Procedure to certification. Professional Development Our Professional Development Program enables members to remain competent,  and up to date with new technology.  The diversity of the Marine Surveyor trade requires ongoing access to information that can not be provided by a single annual conference. Our system of providing information regarding, rule changes, and new technology  on a weekly basis via email allows for a very large volume of information to be presented to our members. Much more than a class or single seminar would. By participating in our web seminars,  on line study modules, and  weekly e-mail communications program, our group is assured proper Professional Developement on a timely basis. In order to verify "Professional Development" by our membership, each member  is required to take part in the program of his choosing and to provide a report at the termination of the course of study. Diversity: Our group is comprised of men and women with expertise in the following areas:  Yachts  and small craft, commercial vessels, cargo and shipping, tow boat and barge inspectors, draft surveyors, marine architects, imported food inspectors, cargo and shipping container surveyors, claims and damage investigators, and marine vessel expert witnesses. Look for the ACMS seal or logo on your next Marine Survey report.